Education Facility Architecture in Albuquerque, NM

At DWL|NM, we believe that every school should be a place of inspiration, innovation, and growth. Our team is dedicated to creating learning environments that foster creativity, collaboration, and community. Whether it’s designing state-of-the-art classrooms, sustainable campus expansions, or interactive community centers, we’re passionate about shaping the future of education.

Our work on the Phase IA Multipurpose/Administration/Media Center building at RFK Charter High School was selected as the BEST K-12 Education Project for the ENR Southwest Region 2015 Best Projects.

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Education Facility Architecture
Albuquerque Public Schools Robert F. Kennedy Charter High School
Master Plan & Phase IA
Albuquerque Public Schools
LEED Silver Certification
2015 Best Projects Award presented by ENR Southwest

DWL|NM was hired by Albuquerque Public Schools to create a master plan for a new campus for education and community use in South Valley, replacing the previous portable campus.Phase I features a facility with abundant natural daylight and acts as a community center to engage with parents, students, and the community.

The multipurpose building hosts a gymnasium for volleyball/basketball with roll-out bleachers and a performance stage with sound/lighting capabilities. The building accommodates low-wattage radio broadcast programming, a computer/media center, a snack bar, administrative offices, fitness facilities, public restrooms, and student lockers/restrooms. Protective lay-down mats for the gym wood floor accommodate special community and school activities and rolling acoustic panel partitions allow for subdividing the large gym for special art/music and community activities. A new playing field and community-based garden are fed by a roof drainage collection system.

Albuquerque Public Schools’ Madison Middle School
Campus Master Plan, Site ADA Upgrades, and Gymnasium Renovation/Addition

Madison Middle School’s 14,454 SF Gymnasium was constructed in 1958. Several additions have expanded both locker rooms and the lobby in years past. The adjoining 9,784 SF Mini-Gym and Library were built in 1976 and similarly reflected the wear and tear of decades of use by middle school students and community members. This project focused on the renovation of each building by replacing the HVAC systems in all spaces updating the interiors of the two gymnasiums, the boys and girls locker rooms, teacher offices, the gym lobby and storage spaces, and implementing a fire protection system. In addition, the main gym gained storage and provided a location for a new roof-mounted Air Handling Unit to serve the gymnasium space.

Albuquerque Public Schools Susie Rayos Marmon Elementary School
Master Plan & Phases I, II & III
LEED Silver Certification

DWL|NM prepared a master plan for the phased replacement of portable buildings with a new campus incorporating joint-use capabilities by the community. Stakeholders wanted facilities and support programs to serve Pre-K through 6th-grade students for year-round education within an 84,000 SF school, totaling 42 classrooms. Building planning provided opportunities for community-focused interaction and educational activities. The community gained use of the school’s library, cafeteria/dining, gymnasium, and computer labs without impacting classrooms. The landscaped courtyard, dining, and play areas are corralled by the surrounding “U”-shaped building. Continual interaction and belief in the design concepts by community leaders and facility committee members were instrumental in receiving funding for all project phases.

Albuquerque Public Schools Alamosa Elementary School Kitchen Renovations

Alamosa Elementary School’s kitchen and cafeteria was built in 1958. The existing kitchen was undersized and lacked dry storage space and a walk-in-freezer. The existing serving line posed accessibility issues for students. DWL was tasked, through its on-call contract with APS, to provide a new walk-in cooler and freezer within the existing kitchen, a new serving line at the wall common with the cafeteria, and new dry storage adjacent to the cafeteria. This project was funded directly by APS’ Food and Nutrition and co-managed by APS Facilities, Design, and Construction. The project was constructed by Weil Construction as an on-call contractor through APS.
The project rejuvenated the food services at the school, providing the kitchen staff with improved circulation and working space, better lighting, a new ceiling, a polished concrete floor, updated kitchen equipment, a new combo walk-in cooler/freezer, and adequate dry storage. A new serving line with a large roll-up door and stainless-steel counter remedied circulation for the students. Providing insulation, re-roofing & renovations to the ceiling & lighting systems for the storage space revitalized kitchen operations.

Staff member comments:
“Kids are very happy that they are having hot meals again!” (4th Grade Teacher)
“I love it! It is great! I am excited to have parents see the new kitchen during our upcoming holiday meal!” (Re-director)
“It is beautiful, modern, and has clean looks!” (Secretary)
“The cafeteria has caught up to modern times – the 60ies look is gone – clean and welcoming, a professional look!” (Principal)
Student comments:
“I love it”
“It is very pretty”
“It looks so shiny”
“I love the sign: Alamosa Cafe”
“It feels like a real restaurant!”

Education Facility Architecture

Additional Education Projects

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  • Grant Middle School Science Classroom Addition & Gymnasium/Kitchen Improvements -2012 LEED for Schools Gold Certification
  • Hoover Middle School Kitchen Addition & Building Upgrades
  • Moriarty Elementary School Phase I and II
  • Sandia Base Elementary School Kitchen Addition & Cafeteria Renovation
  • South Valley Central New Mexico (CNM) Community College Campus
  • Ken Chappy Hall Remodels and Mechanical Building Addition

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